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1733 Big Bend Dr. Suite #1
Milpitas, Ca 95035
Tel: 408-956-1592
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We offer two service bundles and a flexible fee structure designed to meet our clients' unique business needs, ranging from assistance with only billing, coding, appeals, or denials to full service billing management.
Bottom line: We don't get paid unless you do!

Full Billing Service:

  • Submit claims electronically
  • Distribute detailed patient statements
  • Responsible for coding
  • Responsible for collections
  • Review all Explanation of Benefits to ensure maximum reimbursement

Processing Billing Service:

  • Best suited for small practices
  • Basic claim processing
  • Submit claims electronically
  • Fees based on claims processed

ABC services will receive completed superbills and patient billing information. We will review the claim for correct data and needed documentation before submitting to the insurance carrier, to insure the claim is processed correctly and efficiently the first time. Claims will be submitted electronically, or by paper if necessary. Explanation of Benefits (EOB's) are forwarded to us by fax for posting to patient accounts.

Claims will be submitted electronically. With electronic billing we expect you to receive payment promptly within 5-7 business days. By submitting electronically clean claims (claims with the correct CPT/ICD-9CM combinations) we assure the maximum reimbursement for your services. The initial setup for electronic claims is about 4 weeks. Once you are a client, we can begin processing your claims on paper immediately. There is no delay while we wait for your office to be set up to file electronically.

ABC services aggressively follows up with insurance carriers 30-35 days after claims submission to determine status on any unpaid claims.

We tailor our services to meet your needs. Some practices may need only assistance with billing, coding, appeals, or denials. Your office will receive statements from us explaining our services rendered as well as our fees as agreed upon the initiation of our contract.

We don't get paid unless you do!

ABC services comprehensive compliance program offers assurance that all efforts are being made to provide CPT and ICD-9CM coding selections. HIPAA compliance program is designed to have staff education and training, transaction standards meet HIPAA rules, privacy confidentiality, and security be treated with the utmost protection at all times.

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