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Advantages of Outsourcing
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Solo Practitioners and medical group practices today are searching for means to reduce their costs without sacrificing quality of care. One solution is outsourcing. By contracting with outside resources to perform time consuming but important administrative tasks.

Under continued pressure to reduce administrative costs, solo practitioners are now using outsourcing to address patient financial services and other business office functions. Outsourcing administrative and business office functions to professionals will save your organization time and money while increasing your bottom line.

Outsourcing Benefits

  • Improve cash flow with prompt billing. Billing can be delayed because of the complex burdens of insurance billing. If it doesn't get done promptly, offices don't get paid promptly.
  • Improved accuracy. When the billing isn't done correctly, claims often have to be submitted more than once. This causes delays or non-payment from the insurance carriers; money falls through the cracks.
  • Reduce employee expenses. Competitive salaries, payroll taxes, FICA deductions, training time, workers compensation insurance, health insurance, sick leave, and other benefits add up to $28,000 - $48,000 a year per employee. Employee training cost in insurance billing alone are sizeable.


We provide an efficient level of service that the solo practitioner requires and appreciates. We have designed our business approach and our offerings to ensure a seamless transition to our service for your patients and your practice. We provide our clients with the maximum reimbursement possible by submitting all claims with the correct CPT/ICD-9CM combination. We can appeal all incorrect payments and aggressively follow-up with insurance carriers.

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